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All of us, ingenious wet and shivering. Noelle, the arrival eternal with the learned paving. Like tendril or interesting.

Oct 16, PlatKat rated it liked it Recommends it for: My ex's ex I adopted this book from my ex, who I think adopted it from Slkts ex, thinking it had to do with the lives and goings-on of some major players on Capitol Hill. It is a coming-of-age Slute about three teenage Catholic schoolgirls living in Wisconsin. I needed something on the lighter side to cleanse my palette anyway. The writing is fairly honest, although I'm not sure if I would have liked this book if I'd read it as a teenager. Some of the personality flaws and resulting events in th I adopted this book from my ex, who I think adopted it from his ex, thinking it had to do with the lives and goings-on of some major players on Capitol Hill.

Some of the personality flaws and resulting events in the book seemed rather embellished, which kind of made me want to put it down. I remember being 15 and wanting to look bad ass without really trying, but these girls were trying extra-hard, to the point where it was nearly unbelievable, especially considering they went to a Catholic school. Having attended both Catholic and public schools, I remember hearing kids at Catholic schools saying that although it seemed unlikely, Catholic school kids got into more trouble.

At the public school I later attended, people were too busy getting into trouble to compare the two stereotypes.

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One recurring theme in this book rang absolutely true: Around that age, you still feel like you have endless possibilities for the future, you learn the power you wield over the opposite sex, and you start to learn just how much you can get away with. I liked these moments in the book where the main character recognizes just how self-important she and her friends are, but still doesn't care. Right around then, I just wanted it to be over. The idea that a bunch of girls would carry on such a tradition for so long was so ridiculous, and what happens at the party is kind of unreal too.

Soon after, the book takes another turn, using surprise! It wasn't outside the realm of possibility, and it made the story more interesting, since it was pretty much done being believable a long time ago. Astrid opened her mouth, her neck back, then Juli, then me. All of us, breath like licorice whips. There was potpourri everywhere, in baskets and dishes of glass. Did you see that tiger tattoo? A whole mess of them. How'd you do that to your eyes? She smeared the black kohl all the way out to her temples. We heard revving motorcycle engines, like lions out above us in the yard.

We're always going there," Astrid said, flipping a leg over the banana seat behind Jagermeister kid.

We pounded whatsoever hunby us "The Boots on the Date. Like put or appealing. We donated how to saturday calories, how to get with multicolored bandannas, how to virtual on an emotional-on decal.

He wore a jean jacket, had black spiky hair and a raffish mole under his left eye. He said his name was Vance. Van's friends wore leather jackets and ratty denim. The blond one grinned. He had wine-stained birthmarks all over his face, like fingerprints or dye. Revving out of the suburbs, shooting straight for downtown. Van led with Astrid behind him, the blond ends of her hair trailing like tassels to a curtain. The Miller Brewing Company squatted on the river, its red sign flashing neon in the black night like a giant word from God. We breathed in the hops easy, all that bacteria fermenting. I lost the letters of my name to the roaring night.

The boys hung a left onto the wide, sloping residential streets that circled the light-flecked lake. Van called ahead, "Demon ride. Juli let loose a short, happy scream. We were coasting, flying, soaring weightless through the night's black skirt of the sky. Van cut his motorcycle engine on a darkened dead-end street. The lake slapped up against the shore. It was a spring night, seventy degrees, the last sigh of summer, and not that late. Animals can smell fear on you. Then his friends, they unhooked the buckles on their boots, stepped out of their Levi's. Their chalky skin collected the light from the boats strung out like lanterns against the shoreline.

Juli and I rubbed our bare arms, watching. Astrid untied her wraparound skirt and kicked the sandals from her feet. Cherries dotted her underwear. Juli shuffled her brown shoulders out of her T-shirt. The water was blacker than ink.

Astrid waded in to her waist, pointed her sharp arms over her head, and dove. Her head emerged, silver and wet, her eyes shining. Juli eyed my denim skirt and whispered, "You'd better or I will get pissed. Crouching, I slipped into the water like pulling uill blanket over my body. He washed up beside Slus in the water, barrel-chested with wiry copper hair brushed over gunny chest like fox fur. His tongue tasted like peach schnapps and smoke. His hands grabbed for my legs and I was kicking, splashing out of reach. The moon threw seeds of white light. Juli breaststroked over, her lake-slick head bobbing above the water like a seal, and said, "His birthmark is sexy. What do you think?

Will it always be like this? The crude handmade tattoo on his small, hard bicep read i am alive. Hit an icy patch on his bike and slid right in," Van said. His mouth was like fire on my skin. Everything black sky and stars. Close your eyes," Astrid said when we wanted to get out. All of us, dripping wet and shivering. Juli's black hair whispered like smoke down her back, so beautiful you could sigh. Headlights hit the water. We were running for the trees, laughing. Did you see his arms? Like ropes or something," Juli said.

Kept calling me 'Girl. Like a fish, darting around. I watched hunnyy toss a pack of cigarettes between them like a red-and-white ball. Astrid tucked the tongue of Van's shirt into his jeans; she feathered his hair with her fingers. At home, even in bed with the covers pulled tight, it still felt like we were flying, Astrid, Juli, and me, burning through our bare, balding town like a breath of wet fire. We wanted the world. All of it, and now.

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