«When Darkness appeared, the world become on the Edge of Destruction. You can’t stand aside anymore. There is no choice. Fight to survive. You are the part of this world».

  • Unique and unforgettable story.

    Interesting campaign. Set of additional mission’s form secondary lines of story development. Epic clashes, mysteries and intrigues. Tragedy, with an unexpected finale.

  • Awesome gameplay graphics.

    Attractive 2d graphics drawn by hand with great emphasis to details. Large diversity of landscapes and colorful places. Delicate color delivers plenty of emotions and the game atmosphere.

  • Frightening enemies.

    More than 100 types of monsters divided into four categories. Each demon has own appearance, personal characteristics and combat tactics.

  • Incomparable characters.

    Huge amount of extraordinary heroes are both active game characters and neutral ones, represent different races. Legendary creatures and representatives of some unique animals.

  • Exquisite animation.

    Specific movement style that underline properties of every object. From unique fighting techniques and delicate nuances of character articulation to the elements of entire world.

  • Incredible soundtrack.

    Soundtrack melody delivers epos of the world that have become on the Edge of Destruction. Symphony orchestra was specially invited to record the sound.

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“The enemy - is the best teacher”

Edge of Destruction.

Immerse into history!

Interesting and captivating story.

When demons escaped to freedom, the world was on the Edge of Destruction. Planning their evil, Creatures of Darkness greedily consume all the wealth and cruelly destroy everything vivid. Their primitive rage destroys cities and erases entire nations from the face of the Earth. You’ll have to change the course of the war. Save the world from destruction. Heal all the scars caused to the world. To reach that aim, you’ll have to reveal dark secrets, unravel intrigues, solve sneaky trick of the enemy and realize all your potential to fight against hordes of demons. However, learning about your enemy you learn about yourself. What is important to you and what has no value? This is a challenge for those with strong spirit.

“On the edge of destruction, the world, like a diamond, acquires a multifaceted nature.”

Edge of Destruction.

«Gather your courage, warrior! Tighten the sword in your hands and hope it won’t fail you in the battle for the victory of the enemy…»

Mysterious world.

• The world of the Edge of Destruction is filled with a huge amount of lurking dangers.
• A dynamic event system with atmospheric clashes and tough decisions in battle.
• Solving various riddles and puzzles sometimes lead to unexpected results.
• Many unexpected passages, hidden caches and treasure chests with valuable things.
• Use the ancient portals to move quickly. But don't forget to look at the map to avoid getting lost.

Significant crafting.

The system of crafting items allows you to perform all the necessary set of equipment from scrap materials. Many unique items have their own characteristics. Craft yourself an armor and make potions, sharpen the blade and you're ready to everything on your path.

Unique fighting skills and races.

Unique combat techniques can help the player to reveal the potential of the chosen character.

  • Gneiss

    Choose Gneiss race - if you prefer to hit massive and devastating attacks. Gneiss race is heavy and super powerful stone creatures. Inflict irreversible damage to your enemy with one hit! Yeah, this is Tank!

  • Nomads

    Nomads. Prowl, you’re absolutely silent. Cast and perform complex but very powerful and effective attacks. They possess ancient combat magic. In the Edge of Destruction world, they are called wizards. And not in vain, believe us. Ideal balance of agility and magical attacks.

  • Harangs

    Harangs race – if your ferocity is tireless and your hand strength can tear your enemy apart then Harangs is your choice! The race of smart and fearless wolf-a-like creatures. Have a range of essential qualities, suitable for “Attack” tactics.

  • Humans

    Humans. Brave knights and paladins are considerate and smart. Powerful wizards and guards are awesome in action and look like fireworks on the battlefield! If you love nobility and beautiful clash, your choice is obvious.

  • Trilins

    Trilins race is the only plant origin race! Don’t thinks that plans are poor in the battle with evil. Thanks to it regeneration, Trilins become almost invincible to light attacks of the opponents. Dodge heavy attacks of the enemy and damage them by short and rapid hits.


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