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It simply isn't here to right great wrongs, or to engage in moralising. Does the Review article by Garcia et al. I chose them specifically to inject some kind of counterpoint to the overwhelmingly negative POV that the article exhibited. The items I put into a new section were really talking more about the media's coverage of hookup culture, not hookup culture itself. The article doesn't get any better when we spend all our time bickering here. The basic of wikipedia is that you have do prove relebance of your text to the subject basing on sources. I also changed the structure a bit, such that the article isn't composed solely of choppy paragraphs that each get their own sub-sub-header; it was getting a bit ridiculous, especially when many of them were basically the same concept.

Notable and naming them all would result in a laundry list.

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However, lets first seek consensus before entire sections are decimated and the baby is afchives out with the bathwater. I would like to address a few of them as well. Every removal of content I made was not indiscriminate, but based on whether that content was relevant to the topic and whether that content was neutral. BRD and restored the material I asked you to discuss - I suggest you self-revert, as your behaviour may otherwise reflect badly on you. However, my argument did hinge on the use of that word.

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The article uses the term 'Western' archivds times. However, the the authorial intent seems archkves clear to me, as its explicitly stated several times with examples to back it up, even. Another huge problem is the lack of attribution of views and value judgments to their sources. Doing so could be construed as vandalism or edit warring. It will only make administrators take a dim view of your arguments should the issue ever escalate to the point where such attention is deemed necessary.

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