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Les cancers de la gorge et de la bouche liés au papillomavirus augmentent chez les hommes

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However, HPV viruses have long been known to be present in the genital area and to be a significant cause of cervical, vulvar, penile, and anogenital cancer. It is believed that an increased number of people are engaging in sexual activity with multiple partners and engage in oral sex practices and as a result are contracting HPV in the head and neck region, resulting in a higher rate of oropharynx cancers.

Who is at risk for HPV infection and throat cancer? HPV is a sexually transmitted infection. The Papiolomavirus of lifetime sexual partners is an important risk factor for the development of HPV-positive throat cancer. Research has shown that: We are not sure what is leads to the development of cancer and whether there are other factors.

Almost everyone is infected with HPV16 at some point in their lives so the relationship between HPV16 infection, sexual activity, and getting cancer is more comoplex then simple exposure. We do not know what those additional risk factors are yet. What are Papillomavirus gorge symptoms of HPV-positive throat cancer? Symptoms include hoarseness, pain or difficulty swallowing, pain while chewing, a lump in the neck, a feeling of apersistent lump in the throat, change in voice, or non-healing sores on the neck. If HPV is a sexually transmitted infection, are there other ways to contract the virus? Researchers are still evaluating the various ways HPV can be transmitted.

Virus could also be transmitted by hand to mouth contact in the context of sexual activity. Should I get vaccinated? All cases of cervical cancer are derived from HPV. The vaccine is administered in three doses over a six-month period. Currently, the vaccine is approved for males and females ages nine There is no evidence that vaccinating adults, most of whom have had infection, will be protected from the development of cancer.

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This vaccine prevents infection, it does not treat adults who are already infected. How are HPV-positive cancers treated? HPV-positive throat cancer has been demonstrated to respond very well to almost all forms of therapy, including surgery, external beam radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. New technologies have been developed that greatly improve treatment, survival and side effects. For early cancers, the use of robotic surgery followed by a course of radiation treatment has had positive outcomes. At Papillomavirus gorge Sinai, the use of robotic surgery and radiation, with no chemotherapy required, resulted in three-year survival rates of 90 percent, and significantly improve patient quality of life.

Mount Sinai is currently testing ways to reduce radiation therapy to patients with this diagnosis to improve side effects. How does the robotic procedure work? What are the benefits? Mount Sinai is one of very few centers in the country that use a robot to safely remove tumors, especially those growing in challenging locations. Robotic surgery is far less invasive than non-robotic tumor surgeries, greatly minimizing complications and recovery time—and maximizing quality of life after surgery. Quality of life data and the data produced by others demonstrates that patients treated with transoral robotic surgery and deescalated adjuvant therapy have a significantly improved quality of life, oral function, diet, and less long-term toxicity.

As a result, Mount Sinai is dedicated to treating patients with HPV-positive throat cancer using this protocol in an effort to improve survival outcomes and decrease short-term and long-term toxicity. Studies to determine if early stage patients can avoid radiotherapy after surgery are being developed. What is the long-term prognosis for people with HPV-positive throat cancer? While the prevalence of throat cancer derived from HPV is steadily increasing, data suggest that it is easily treated. Patients with HPV-positive throat cancer have a disease-free survival rate of percent over five years.

This is in contrast to the traditional patient population of excessive smokers and drinkers with advanced disease who have a five- year survival rate of approximately 40 percent. My significant other is genital HPV positive yet has no history of cervical cancer, can I get throat cancer by kissing her or having oral sex with her? Transmission occurs through sexual contact and partners have routinely exchanged virus early in their relationship. Finally, a vaccine is now available which protects against several of the most common HPV types, including specifically those which are risk-factors for cancer.

Actual Size This circular virus is about 2. Where It Lives Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, a sexually transmitted infection passed from person-to-person during unprotected sexual activity or from a pregnant mother to her baby.

Gorge Papillomavirus

Some people may develop warts and experience a lot of itchiness. If left goorge, it can lead to different types Papiillomavirus cancer, most commonly cervical cancer. History HPV was first discovered in by a group of scientists in a lab. However, the real discovery came in when Harald zur Hausen discovered that HPV causes cervical cancer. More than 40 of them are related to sexual contact, and two of them are responsible for the majority of HPV-related cancer cases. Famous people who died of it: Eva Peron, beloved former first lady of Argentina better known as Evita, died from cervical cancer when she was only 31 years old.

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