I drive for an escort service

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Tips for Escort Drivers

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If your fro has told you that she will be servoce the client for an hour, she should come back out within an hour or so. Go to the door to see if something is wrong or she needs help. It could be nothing serious, such as the client asked for an extended encounter. Work out a code with your escort in case she needs help. Ahead of time, discuss cues and signals that your escort may use to indicate she needs help from you.

Your code could include various phrases that sound innocent enough over the phone to a client, but indicate to you that something is wrong. She should also have some physical clues such as turning the lights on and off or moving the curtains to let you know that you are needed inside. You could see people who expect their identities to be kept secret. She expects discretion, too.

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Drawing law enforcement attention to you and your escort will not be constructive for her business or her clients. Keep your vehicle fit. You never want your car to break down as you are transporting your escort to and from her encounters. She depends on you to get her places safely and in a timely manner; the last thing she needs is to be late due to car trouble. Make sure your tires are in good shape, the oil is regularly changed, the tank is fueled up and other repairs are tended to. Your escort wants to be transported in a clean, nice smelling vehicle; she should never arrive to an encounter smelling like smoke from your car or soiled from dirty seats.

Wash your car regularly; a clean car provides a better image for your escort. Always carry the phone. Your phone is your lifeline to your escort. She will use it to notify you of any changes in the schedule, assistance she needs with a client or other aspects of the job. What else is in the bill? The bill also gives a judge new powers to order a sex ad seized or deleted — by amending a clause that previously extended those powers in cases of child pornography or voyeurism. The Globe and Mail 8. What brought us here? The group whose challenge led to the December Supreme Court decision has already promised another legal fight.

Why is the government doing this? The opposition parties have opposed the bill.

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Once done at the committee, it will return to the House of Commons, which is scheduled to return from its summer break Sept. It is now working its way drlve the Senate. The Code also states that drivers should be trained in the course of action they should take if a worker requires assistance during an escort. As an escort driver, you are employed to do two things: Provide transport for the escort worker. Provide safety for the escort worker. The following are some tips for escort drivers: Accompany the worker to the door at the beginning of the job.

Do not leave after you have dropped the worker at the job.

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