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The Future of Leagues

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This all translates to a better Leagues experience for you out of the gate and as we deliver addition features and support.

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What's Next We're currently all hands on deck prepping for launch. Our final Closed Beta is running now, so if you're one of our Closed Beta players, get on there and let us know what you think. If you want to sign up Mtgo league matchmaking mtgo league matchmaking be part of our Closed Beta team and help us find issues in future releases, you can do so here. Stay tuned to MTGO. We're also planning for some cool events around the holidays did someone say Cube? Thanks for all your patience. It's been a long road, but Leagues are almost here and I can't wait to battle some of you in the Leagues queue.

If you want to share your thoughts or feedback, feel free to email us at MagicOnlineFeedback wizards. Have fun and good gaming, Chris Kiritz Magic: Finding an Opponent Players must enter matchmaking to find opponents. When a player enters matchmaking and a suitable opponent is not immediately in the queue, the player will be placed in the queue until the next suitable opponent enters matchmaking. The player will remain in the queue for up to 5 minutes. If after 5 minutes an opponent has not been found, the player will be removed from the queue and may at any time re-enter matchmaking to find another opponent. Once a player enters matchmaking, the only way to exit is by reaching the 5 minute wait time or by getting paired with an opponent.

This is to ensure players are available to play within a reasonable amount of time after they are matched. If a player does not intend to compete in a match at the time they enter matchmaking, that player should refrain from entering matchmaking. If a player has not made a reasonable attempt to find and play their matched opponent within 15 minutes of being paired, the other player may file a complaint. If after an addition 15 minutes 30 minutes total the player has still not attempted to fulfill their part in the match, a match loss may be issued after an investigation by an administrator. Matches should be freeform when required and the appropriate format when available through the client and should be best of 3.

Player clocks should be set at 25 minutes each. You still will need to carefully read signals and make the best deck you are able. So you play against a mirror match - that's matchmqking. It happens within pods as well. We're currently planning two Sealed Deck League releases next year. The first will deliver the deck-building functionality and allow leaggue to play in a structure that is similar to what is currently available for Constructed. In this format, you'll battle for a set number of matches with the same deck until your League course ends. Similar to the Constructed Leagues, when your course is over you can join the League again, build a new deck, and continue battling.

In this first iteration, however, you will not be adding any additional product to your deck over the course of the League and will be playing all your matches with the same deck. The second delivery will expand the Sealed Deck League to separate the available matches into stages and will be more like the longer Leagues experiences longtime Magic Online players may be more familiar with. Each stage will run a set number of matches, each pairing you with an opponent who is in the same stage. Needs Editing Placement Match game is because being lost.

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The League reaches the end time. Once the League ends, all players with a course in progress will receive marchmaking based on how many matches they have won. What mxtchmaking the minimum and maximum players mean for a League? This is to help make sure that the matchmaking system will have enough players to give everyone a match in a reasonable amount of time. The maximum players refers to the number of active players you can see the current number in the League Details viewwhich is the number of people who have started their courses and still have matches left to play in them.

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