Chevy alternator hook up

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96 alternator wiring

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Alternator up Chevy hook

Knowledge of this exclusive design is very important when up-grading the Chevy electrical system. Of course the system would have worked equally well with 4gauge copper cable connecting the alternator to the horn relay, and 4gauge connecting the alternator to the battery. When Up-grading the alternator and using this original wiring system, proper voltage must be maintained at the splice and Horn Relay area. Connections at the buss-bar screws must be clean and tight. The battery charging wire connected the battery at the right to the rest of the system at the left.

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All voltage regulators hpok a voltage reading, and from the reading the regulator will make the correct adjustments to alternator output. When installing more hoook alternators, and also when adding accessories that will use power, current flow through the wiring system is increased. The regulator took voltage reading from the splice, which distributed alternator power. The entire dash area will be operating with power drawn from the screw connections, and they deserve occasional inspection.

The only thing you need to hook up on a one-wire alternator is a charge wire from the terminal on the alternator to the positive terminal on the battery or any positive battery source. Once the voltage regulator turns on, the alternator will remain on and charging until the engine comes to a complete stop. Relays with a rusty or corroded buss-bar should be replaced with new. Wire the BAT terminal on the alternator directly to the positive terminal of the car's battery. And slow charge rate reduces corrosion at the battery area of these good-looking Hot Rods! The splice in the wiring and the Horn Relay both serve as buss-bars in this system. The regulator adjusted alternator output as required to maintain proper voltage level at the splice.

Truly the Chevy wiring system was unique. This terminal can also be jumped directly to the BAT terminal. This is the lead for the sensing wire that helps regulate the output.

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