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Here is a working design of a minimalist wallet I made.

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This is the Compact Coin. This new Minomalist doesn't have a large footprint, but still manages to pack a lot in. The Compact Coin has space for 15 credit cards yes, 15! Unisex Wallet A casual wallet you can hand wash Reasons to buy. The Minimalkst wallet is thin, small and lightweight but stll allows you to fit what you regularly put in a traditional wallet. It is one of the hottest accessories to have for both men and women. These wallets are designed for you to carry basic necessities — the credit cards you use most, a bit of cash, an ID card for work etc — and still fit into your back or front pocket. Comfort and style aside, they are also secure and primed for quick access to your cards.

Want to replace that bulky and beat up wallet for the holidays? Check out these 20 minimalistic wallet designs for one suited for your personality. MostRad A personal favorite my order is on the waythe MostRad is a small bi-fold wallet that has slots for multiple cards and an elastic band for cash. The outside of the wallet also features a single card slot for quick access to your most-used card. Another simple alternative is for you to quit carrying coins all together.

Wallet coins Minimalist

With that said, if you have to handle coins for whatever reason, and also need to have a comfortable minimalist wallet, then here are 7 places where you can keep your coins when carrying a minimalist wallet: The little pocket in jeans trousers Jeans trousers come with a little pocket, right above the usual side pockets. These pockets are great for carrying coins around, mostly because you will not have to deal with the jangling noise of your coins. That is, unless you wear very buggy jeans. A lot of people also use these pockets to keep their small items such as lighters, SIM cards or keys.

Unfortunately, official and semi- official trousers do not have this secret pocket. Fortunately, there are several other similarly nice places to keep your coins. A jar in your car If you drive a car, you can always keep your coins in your car. No bi-fold wallet with zips, many pockets and machine stitches.

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The goal was to find a balance among simple design, slim wallet and fits everyday necessities. Some good wallets in the market solve a few problems, but lacks in certain aspects. There are some models from Bellroy, still lacking in some needs. The reason is because these pockets are sometimes too small, and you will probably have trouble trying to get the coins out. The jeans pockets definitely serve the purpose of keeping your coins silent, but when it comes to drawing them out, you have to struggle with a single finger.

This is extremely inconveniencing. This magic pouch can solve this problem for you. You just fill your coins in the pouch, and put it in your pocket.

Charity Minimakist the tip jar Coins are becoming less and less useful in the economy. For this reason, you should consider keeping your coins in the tip jar of whoever gave them to you. You could also donate your coins to charity or to the homeless. This will entirely eliminate the need to walk around with coins.

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