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My cock stiffened greatly in my pants as I watched tjongs prove to me that she wasn't a cop. I exhaled deeply and coxk, "Okay sweetie, that's proof enough for me. I quickly scuk my shorts down to let my cock free as I watched her rubbing her pussy. As my hardening, half erect cock bounced out of my shorts, she took one glance, licked her lips and slid over the seat closer towards me. With a huge eager smile as she watched Ccok cock growing even harder, she said, "With a cock that suc, I may have to charge you extra. With my hand jy firmly on the back of her brown-haired head and her eager, red mouth wide open, she took my fat cock into her mouth as I whispered to her, "Just Sluutty it, slut.

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I looked back into her eyes and whispered to her, "Suck my fat balls, bitch. As she sucked hard on my full balls, I mu jerking my cock off in her face. I gently slapped my thick, hard cock on her face and she moaned sluttily with my balls deep in her open mouth. After sucking my balls tentatively for a few minutes and jerking my fat cock off while she did, I pulled her mouth off my balls and gave my cock back to her wanton mouth. As she started sucking vigorously again, she shifted her sexy body in the seat so that she was now on her hands and knees with her head in my lap and her sweet, round ass high in the air.

As she worked diligently on my cock with her ass in the air, her already short dress crept seductively up her side until it fell around her waist, thus exposing her luscious ass in plain view without much covering from her tiny thong. As I immensely enjoyed her wonderfully wet blowjob, I slid my hand down her arching back and down onto her ass. I gave her a few quick, slightly hard spanks and she moaned in appreciation on my cock. As my head rubbed and explored her ass and wet panties, she wriggled her ass on my head and urged me to explore even more underneath her thong. I caressed her soft, round cheeks and perfect ass crack. Then, after teasing her slowly, I finally slid my fingers under the string deep in her ass crack and rubbed her tight asshole and continued down onto her hot, wet pussy.

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Her now free hand darted quickly down to her pussy and she began rubbing her clit hornily as she fucked my fingers and her head continued to bob up and down on my fat cock. As we continued this act for a few moments, I slowly pressed the brakes of my car and stopped lawfully at an inconvenient red-light. With my head rolled back enjoying her tremendous blowjob, I was unable to see that a car full of people had pulled up at the light next to us. It was late, but it was college town and many were on their way home from the bars. My girl continued sucking my cock and rubbing her clit as I finger fucked her vagina. Having noticed the show in the car next to them, the drunken college students watched attentively.

They yelled in appreciation of her amazing ass high in the air, fully visible to them through the window. Now noticing our audience, we didn't stop; their cheers of appreciation and enjoyment seemed to increase her drive and horniness as she worked my cock even harder, deeper, and faster than before. The light turned green and neither of our cars moved at first until I began to pull away, much to their disappointment. They sped up to catch up with us and continue watching, but as I pulled off, my girl raised her head and pulled off my cock. Full of seduction and sluttiness, she said, "I want you to fuck me now!

I want you inside of me! I want your cock Slktty me. You can have me free thong charge. Now pull over, I can't take it anymore," she greedily dock. With a smile I agreed and pulled over into an empty parking lot and she went back to sucking on my cock. This is why we log in every single day. Enjoy these fantastic tales, courtesy of Reddit: A game of spin the bottle which progressively upped the ante until it was sloppy drunk group sex. I went in to the bathroom of a dive bar, took off my panties and threw them away. My sober thinking was that I would be too embarrassed to undress in front of him, knowing that I had these seriously unsexy unders on.

Oh, and I also went to work with cum in my hair the next morning. Eventually, someone brings us one.

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Teamwork Sluty the dream work. I lost my virginity in a movie theater. During the movie I hope it was a Disney film. I tohngs a guy at a party once covk about 20 minutes later I had sex with him in an alleyway Was he a hobo and he was just taking you back to his place? There was this gorgeous stripper there that was on the pole— guys, she looked like Princess Jasmine! I wanted her something fierce, not gonna lie. She came off the stage, and led me to one of the private dance rooms where they had couches that you could recline on with curtains around them for privacy.

We laid down on the couch and stayed there for… 20 minutes?

We basically had sex back there. That stripper was not clean. This is terrible, the guy I had been talking to left me for a 17 year sjck so, in a thnogs rage, I slept with not sick, not two, not three, but four different guys, over the course of about five hours. Back at the house, I finish stripping my little slut naked and enjoy watching her beautiful body, spreading her ass cheeks while she stimulates her asshole with her fingers. She combines everything I love — slim sexy body, cute face, little ass, perky titties and bald pussy. I lift her little ass and spread it wide open, sinking my tongue into her gash and eating her out! She moans and grunts as I tongue fuck her, rimming her tight little asshole too.

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