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No blessed with XiangXi Cun because it berhhers so high. Pity I don't have any terrain pickup skills it would be a recent to fuck in there.

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With our local sexapp, you can search for women who have various offers to you. Technology makes things easier and for more people to come out and shout their desires of getting la id each night. I need to check -- My former massage girl just surprised me and said she is coming over today, she sticks to me like glue so I am unsure how long she is staying before she goes to HK. Now that massage girl is back over, everything is up in the air. Finally, I have just about given up trying to upload photos. Trying again and they all fail. They aren't large but I cannot be bothered to resize them. Miss back home where I invited the girls in the office, some of them just hung out there most of the day.

Might end up renting a small flat in Or near Shekou if I find a reliable source of girls. Which is not the case yet. And thanks for the tip about bit V, quite useful, are Cyalis also available? Oh ok about someone at home, I figured as much hahah. Personally I would be worried of getting the side effect of erect dick more than 4 hours and cannot imagine going to Chinese hospital to deal with that. I pissed off one freebie this week by fucking her too hard and trying for anal. Boy she was mad.

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That was tattoo girl, I posted doggy style photos before. She had confirmed she was up for anal but. Locwl guess trying it gave her second thoughts. If not, I'll give you a shout when I'm in SZ and we can meet, grab a drink locap watch the football. Then have some fun! I've got to SZ today and let me know if you are free to meet for a drink. Offer is all open to all, if anyone wants to meet for a drink in SZ tonight, drop me a line. Original plan was to try for some extras at Queens Spa or the WaterCube, but it really sounded like it was going to more miss than hit so looked for other options. Saw on another forum that Perthden hotel might have some action, so I actually added them on wechat.

They we really responsive and told me that they would be having some yo beauties ready for me when I got there.

The WG bergherss there is normally lacking than naked close to the needs help station. I now always make the attitude of the head before I go with them because I don't corroborate any sides especially in another time. But she refused she was.

The have a 4 tier pricing system, the only 2 I recall are "" and "" I think. They supposedly do not offer FS there. They told me on wechat only "green" is available, so I thought that would be at least better then maybe getting a HJ at one of the big spas. Anyway easy crossing on a Sunday morning, but I should have known better that 10 am on a Sunday is not going to give you too many girls. Perthden were welcoming but would not show me any girls to choose, but the locker boy smiled when I asked only to send an 18 or 19 yo. Taken up to a pretty average room and waited, and waited, and waited.

The guy basically indicated all the others were sleeping. I told him again only young and slim or else I'm going to eat and come back later. Eventually another turned up. Not exactly my type, but went with the flow as the price was pretty decent. It was then I said I only want HJ, so it turned into a "" or something like like. Anyway, she said she was 24 - looked a few years older to me, but the boobs were awesome, soft lovely size see, nice change from usual spinner A cup types. Half decent massage and flipped over. Pushed her head down to see if she would do BJ anyway, she said "".

Ok fuck it, why not. Let her go sluuts it and she lkcal damn good. Great technique, deep and allowed different positions. Prob loacl good 15 minutes before I decided to let her a reward with a super CIM. She took it like a aluts, kept going but also trying not to gag at the same time. Huge load, great job. Headed back to Shang apartments as I was hoping I could find my girl from last time. Went up to a room, saw about 4 Fuckk in the one apartment. One was absolutely teen dream style. But she said she was Amazing white porcelain skin, unfortunately she had a bit of bergherss attitude and Fjck was done and dusted in about 10 minutes.

Paid RM as I couldn't be bothered to argue over a couple of dollars. Walked around the Dongmen area, amazing talent on display. Girls everywhere to be seen, most wearing Kylie Minouge short hot pants!. Pity I don't have any street pickup skills it would be a paradise to play in there. Maybe try that next time if I have a hotel nearby, but my 20 words of Mandarin prob not enough to score a win. I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky. The hotel used to openly advertise FS on their website! They modified their website shortly after the crackdown.

If you are a VIP member there, the rooms are quite nice and services offered may also be different. Wandering around Dongmen, did you venture into the Xiang Xi Cun? The WG quality there is normally higher than places close to the main train station. Even tho' you cannot speak Mandarin, it is quite possible to pick up girls on the street and be very lucky, lucky, lucky! I find I need to be aware of girls who appear to fleetingly show interest in you, and who then responds slightly to your shy smile. There are so many girls, it won't take long to achieve success.

Ask her to go to Starbucks or similar where you can use your translator. Have some standard questions and statement stored on it.

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