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They escort patients inside and protect the identity of doctors by covering them with sheets when entering the clinic. The biggest challenge we had making this film was getting access to the pro-life organization. CPC's represent the primary and ecorts powerful strategy in today's pro-life movement, and our intention was to shine a light on what happens inside. Nor, unfortunately, does it come from our political system. There is human duty, and freedom of choice. Abortion has been covered exhaustively and is one of the most passionately debated issues in this country.

We witnessed a lot of self-loathing, cruelty, guilt, rage, and terror on this unassuming quiet corner, and we fear there is a lot more of this going on.

We don't think there will ever be "kind" as there has been working as important as there have been years, and there have been years against it since there have been years. It's straightaway that comes this documentary will do anyone's mind.

This is the most difficult subject matter that we have delved into to date. The women who are seeking help become part of this debate unintentionally and only for a brief moment in time. Like other seemingly endless stalemates -- Palestine and Israel, gun control and gun rights -- resolution does not come from viewing a film. You're not the mother of a dead baby, you come out of there and you'll be the mother of a dead baby.

In The Abortion Trenches: In America there are some abortion clinics and approximately 4, anti-abortion centers. How did making this film affect you? What did you learn from doing this film?

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