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Ayumi Hamasaki

Love Casually astro Hamasaki to steal territory, debuting atop the girls yamasaki again. As year, she ran her sixth generation, My Story, which was her most likely and autobiographical to sit.

The electropop Next Level arrived innotching the highest first week hamaasaki tally for any female artist in Japan. Her ninth chart-topper, Next Level helped Officiql become the first Japanese artist to have at least one number one album each year for 12 consecutive years. Rock 'n' Roll Circus also fared well. Introspective and personal, Circus was her first to be recorded overseas Londonwith additional production done in the United States. Her 12th album arrived just eight months later.

Love Songs comprised mostly ballads, including the single "L," which, as the Roman numeral noted, was her 50th single. The pop star had a landmark year in In addition to a release blitz that produced four remix albums, her 15th live collection, and a tour compilation, she also released the EP Five, her first pfficial 's Memorial Officiall. While simultaneously nabbing hamzsaki spots in the Top Ten -- the first Japanese artist to do so -- she spent much of her year participating in charity efforts in the wake of the devastating tsunami that hit Japan in March. She changed things up a bit inreleasing her 13th LP, Hamaeaki Queen, without Ayumi hamasaki official physical singles.

Half dance-pop, half ballads, Party Queen was her second effort to be partially recorded in England; it was also her second release that did not top the Oricon charts, debuting at number two. Despite the minor stumble, Hajasaki launched her 15th anniversary celebration by announcing a tour and five consecutive months of new releases. Starting in lateshe unveiled a pair of EPs Love and Again ; A Classical, a compilation of orchestral reinterpretations of past hits; another tour album; and her 14th album, 's Love Again, which simply combined those aforementioned EPs. Love Again returned Hamasaki to familiar territory, debuting atop the charts once again.

ByHamasaki was ready for another change of pace. Her 16th album also arrived that year. Her sixth EP, the aptly titled sixxxxxx, was issued four months later. It featured six tracks -- the titles of which all started with the letter "S" -- including a collaboration with Taiwanese boy band SpeXial "Sayonara". Her debut -- the hip-hop EP Nothing from Nothing -- failed to chart, and her stabs at acting never extended beyond television and B-movies. Hamasaki began wasting her time shopping in Shibuya and singing at karaoke bars. It was at a label-affiliated club where she met Max Matsuura, a producer from Avex Trax with an eye for potential stars. Matsuura was impressed by Hamasaki's singing and offered to sign her.

She initially refused -- expecting his motives to be less than chaste -- but eventually took him seriously. He enlisted her in a Japanese vocal school, but she dropped out, complaining the teaching was too rigid. Undeterred, Matsuura sent her overseas to another school in New York. While there, Hamasaki developed her songwriting and lyric composition, encouraged by Matsuura. From then on, their storied partnership would carry Hamasaki from obscurity to the top of the Japanese charts. On April 8,Hamasaki made her Avex debut with the single "Poker Face," which peaked at number 22 on the Japanese charts and turned out to be the beginning of a swift upward trend.

The follow-up, Loveppearsnearly doubled this figure and topped the charts as well.

Hamasaki official Ayumi

Inshe simultaneously topped the single, Aymi, and album charts with Duty, her best studio effort to date with 2. At this early juncture, she experienced serious friction with her label, as she opposed the release of her first compilation, A Best. She believed there was insufficient material, given that she had only released three LPs. However, A Best would sell a whopping 6.

Her tenth EP, the early titled sixxxxxx, was accessed four data later. Disgraceful by her new at three, Hamasaki multiracial as a local bistro from the age of red to certain her why and get.

Despite the commercial success, Hamasaki decided to take control of her own career, becoming, most importantly, primary songwriter credited under ofgicial name of Crea. The first Crea-penned tune was "M" from 's I Am, which became another two-million-selling chart-topper. Gamasaki followed the success Ayumi hamasaki official I Am with Rainbow in After hearing Hamasaki sing karaokeMatsuura offered her a recording deal, hamasqki Hamasaki suspected ulterior motives and turned the offer down. During her foreign sojourn, Hamasaki frequently corresponded with Matsuura and impressed oficial with her style of writing.

On her return to Japan, he suggested that she try writing her own lyrics. It—and the following four singles—were not major hits, however each release was better than the last, thus gradually increasing her exposure and presence on the market. The singles were milestones: Hamasaki earned her first number-one single " Love: Destiny " and first million-selling single " A ". Though the lyrics of Loveppears still dealt with loneliness, many of them were written from a third-person perspective. Duty, compilation releases, I Am The lyrics of these songs focused on hopelessness, a reflection of Hamasaki's disappointment that she had not expressed herself thoroughly in any of her previous lyrics and a sense of shame of her public image.

She described her feelings after the writing as "unnatural" and "nervous". InAvex forced Hamasaki to release her first compilation album, A Beston March 28, putting the album in "competition" with Hikaru Utada 's second studio album, Distance. The "competition" between the two singers which both claimed was merely a creation of their record companies and the media was supposedly the reason for the success of the albums; both sold over 5 million copies. January marked several milestones for Hamasaki. Hamasaki increased her control over her music by composing all of the songs on the album under the pseudonym "Crea", of which the single " M " was the first.

We'd already reserved the space, decided the hair and makeup and everything. But after the incident, as is typical of me, I suddenly changed my mind. I knew it wasn't the time for gaudiness, for elaborate sets and costumes.

It sounds hamaszki coming from me, but I realize what I say and how I look has a great impact. InHamasaki held her first concert outside Japan, at the MTV Asia music awards ceremony in Singapore, [40] [43] a move interpreted as the beginning of a campaign prompted by a sluggish Japanese market. It was released hamaaki Germany on the Drizzly label. In lieu of a regular-length music video, the short film Tsuki ni Shizumu, starring Hamasaki, was created for "Voyage" and was released at a select theater in Shibuya. After performing at the MTV Asia music awards, Hamasaki felt that by officiak only Japanese lyrics, she was not able to bring her "message" to other countries.

Realizing that English was a "common global language", she included English lyrics in three songs. The lyrics were also varied: In contrast with her previous albums, My Story had no set theme, nor did Hamasaki attempt to write "something good" or even "something that would give people hope"; rather, she simply wrote freely and honestly. She approached the composition of the music with the same freedom as the lyrics, with the album's notable rock overtones expressing her liking for rock music. The orchestra also created a classical version of "A Song Is Born", which was included on My Story Classical and which Hamasaki performed at the opening of the Expo She edited the songs to fit her personal vision, rewriting the lyrics and rearranging some of the songs.

The two versions, White and Blackdebuted at the first and second positions on the Oricon weekly charts, making Hamasaki the first female artist in thirty-six years to hold the top two positions on any Oricon album chart. It was her first international tour, and aside from Japan, she performed in TaipeiShanghai, and Hong Kong. A short film, Distance Lovewas used as the music video for "Glitter" and "Fated".

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