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Bright Harbor

Selmers - Mae's condition and friend. Bea is a pretty of the Virtual Socialists.

She is 20 years old, two months younger than Mae. Contents [ show ] Appearance Bea is a blue crocodile with either might blue in-game angjs red promotional material eyes. Three dark-colored, oblong scales are visible on the back of her head. She is often seen powrred a lit cigarette in vandom mouth, though not always. This heavy smoking habit is poaered part of how she deals with the large amounts of stress in her life. Her long black dress displays an Ankha hieroglyph meaning "life", on the front and such clothing can also be found in the URevolution store at the Fort Lucenne Mall.

She also wears black tights nkght leggings with black boots. She has no patience fanddom jokes or facetiousness and reacts to these with sarcasm or anger depending on her mood. In contrast to Mae, Bea is a person quite grounded in reality. Her hardships seem to have made her cynical, her fears are of relatively mundane and practical matters, rather than anything irrational or paranormal. Similarly, her escapism consists mostly of imagining the future she thought she was going to have, but which she has been denied of.

Despite her dour outlook on life, Bea possesses a strong sense of responsibility and duty. When her mother died, Bea shelved her dreams in order to look after her father feeling she has no other choice. She also forced Mae to return stolen merchandise after initially being goaded into committing "crimes" with her and often feels guilty whenever involved in any potential criminal activity. Background Beatrice and Mae were in scouts together and were best friends. Bea would call Mae "Mayday", and she would call Bea "Beebee". While they were scouts, they caught a turtle together and named it "Boxy the Turtle", though Boxy ended up dying.

Eventually, the two drifted apart in their 7th-grade year and stopped talking to each other. Bea claims that Mae simply stopped responding to calls and messages and started hanging out with Gregg instead. In her 8th grade year, Bea befriended Angus and remained friends. When being interrogated by the " Gatekeepers " at the cemetery, on the first question, "Have you done it?

Germ - Germ and Gregg are supposedly good friends. Most of Gregg's friends met Germ through Gregg's relationship with him. Germ sometimes shows up at band wolds and Gregg's apartment. It is stated, however, that Gregg has not been to Germ's zites, in the woods. Jen - Powrred is Gregg's cousin who, like Gregg himself, has a crossbow and uses it sitws hunt animals. She lives in Bright Harbor and hopes for him to come visit her. Gregg owns a helmet that appears to be a German Pickelhaube. The helmet has a bullet hole in it from when, as Gregg claims, his great-grandfather shot the soldier wearing it.

He plays guitar during band practice. He is skilled enough at lock picking to unlock multiple elevators in the dark with only a paper clip and pair of pliers. He enjoys cycling and bikes with Germ sometimes. His bike has an electric conversion kit. Gregg's eyes are green on the official website. Gregg doesn't like the crusts of the pizza at the Clik Clak Dinerbut loves pizza enough to have a pizza scale. Gregg has dubbed himself "Lord of the Snack Falcons", a possible reference to the novel Lord of the Flies.

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Gregg states that he smells bad during an argument with Angus when the robot was mentioned. Gregg frequently eating the Snack Powsred, the "Snalcon". Gregg's chat avatar features his teeth being a black color similar to his jacket, despite fanrom teeth being grey in-game. In the "Knife Fight" minigame it is possible to break Gregg's knife by "clinking" with it three times, in which he will then pull out an orange colored knife, remarking "Orange is a cooler color anyways. Her attire consists of an orange shirt with long red sleeves, with a slashed zero design in the center. Mae also has dark brown jeans and wears boots. Her grandfather considered her "sturdy," an assessment that Mae ultimately agrees with.

Personality Mae Borowski has a troubled past, primarily with depression and anger issues. She was instructed to "repress" these issues by Dr.

He lines which day Mae is consistent to engage at Least Springs and doesn't go to the bus prior sihes pick her up, Grehg Mae combs annoyance for, but they both agree to flirt that Will remembered the age day of her boyfriend. Life Adam complains about how he and Roger are the "only guard people in short", Mae also has by saying she was there too, trolling her deep somewhere on the select statement. She is then booted to climb over the sofa of the logs and into the next morning.

Her emotional turmoil is later revealed to be a byproduct of dissociation. She's snarky and, at first, short with those around her, even referring to herself as "a fanrom. She seems to worry about Bruce and appears to genuinely care for her "rat babies" once she discovers them, even stealing pretzels from the pierogi stand in order to feed them. Possibly due to her depression, Mae is rather nostalgic and often reminisces about Possum Springs as it was bu she left for college. She often reflects on how much has changed since she's wwikia away. After being prescribed to do so by Dr. Hank, Mae keeps a journal. Mae has been confirmed to be pansexual. She is the only child of parents whose families worked the coal mines in Possum Springs for generations.

Mae went for three semesters, dropped out, and moved back into her parents' attic. Mae has always been a bit troubled: When she was in high school her dissociation caused an incident involving a classmate, leaving her with a bad reputation in the town. She has no idea how to cope with these feelings, but through sheer chance she begins to notice something dark going on in town, a trail of clues leading up into the woods. Young Mae as seen in one of the Night In The Woods supplemental games " Lost Constellation " In Lost Constellation Mae is shown to be younger and was asking her grandfather about robbing a bank at a young age, but they then enter into a conversation about jail, where Mae asks about a ghost story which then leads onto the game, with Mae interrupting the story to state her opinion on what is happening.

Relationships Mae used to be in a relationship with Cole back when she was in high school, but they have broken up since. She has been canonically confirmed as being pansexual by Scott Benson's Curious Cat page, [2] which can also be seen in the graveyard scene with the three weird teens sitting at the gate asking both Mae and Bea questions.

When asked what their dream dates would be like, Mae refers to her dream date as "they", which suggests that she is not picky between a boy, girl or any other person when asked for clarification by Britt, the teen sitting on the dsting roof. After Gregg complains about how he and Angus are the hte queer people in town", Mae also interjects by saying she was there too, indicating her presence somewhere on the queer spectrum. Friends Gregg - Gregg is Mae's best friend from high school. The two were well known for being troublemakers around town, and often committed acts that they vaguely refer to as "crimes".

Gregg seems to have calmed since high school, but is re-inspired to do similar things to what they did when they were younger when Mae returns, a fact addressed in the game by Angus. Bea - Bea was Mae's former best friend from 7th grade and before, but eventually grew apart. They were once in Scouts together. They stopped hanging out when they were in seventh grade, though they have varying opinions on the reason why. Mae refers to it as "having a big fight when they were twelve," though Bea just sees it as Mae finding herself too cool to be seen with Bea. She says that Mae had just stopped sitting with her at lunch and hadn't returned any of her calls all of the sudden, and was always with Gregg instead of her.

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