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Splash style wmoen pool perfect Read more below By With the swimming season in the city set to kick off, Ipsita Deb takes a plunge into the latest trends in water wows Published Pictures by AFP and PTI With winter having barely made its mark jawahr year, and summer settling in early, getting ready for that workout in the pool or just a leisurely dip is a great idea. Just as fashion trends change every season, swimwear, too, has ib very own style file that constantly evolves and expands. The city clubs have a number of restrictions when it comes to the level of exposure and bikinis are rarely seen on the Indian women there.

However, the same women shed all their inhibitions and flock to buy such items when going on a holiday,? Goodlife takes a plunge into the world of pool wear? Bathing beauties Swimwear can broadly be classified into two categories? Both have undergone several transformations over the years, resulting in a great number of choices for the swimwear buyer. If the most common style till date is the maillot one-piece suitthe most sought-after style is the bikini. The bikini has diversified into the tankini a sporty style that leaves only a small portion of the tummy exposedthe bandini bikini with a bandeau?

The maillot, too, has undergone several changes and comes in a variety of styles. The tank is a one-piece swimsuit with a basic silhouette and straps, while the jogger has full shorts to hide the tummy, hips and thighs. Skirted is another common type, where an overskirt is attached at the waistline or hip.

Rs to Rs 4, Branded swimsuits like Speedo, Adidas, Reebok, etc, and designer stuff are priced far steeper than the regular ones. Trend talk Be it the big screen Charlie? Full Throttle or small Baywatchfashion and Hollywood are trumpeting surfer girl styles. The Puranas have also some references, but dating them is a herculean task that only geniuses like Horace H Wilson or Rajendra Hazra could attempt, and could still not be too sure. We have ample testimony in Mughal and contemporary miniature paintings and other cultural expressions of the medieval period, telling us so many vivid stories about Holi that centred mainly on Krishna, Radha and the gopis.

Europeans were amazed to note this unique festival of colours in India and the Oxford Dictionary seems to have had a special fascination for it, right from the 17th century: Centuries of Brahmanical persistence or persuasion must have resulted in this convergence of heterogeneous celebrations into one major festival. Old narratives mention certain parts of India where the festival of Holi was earlier neither not important nor were their own Spring festivals forsaken and some were held on different dates.

In Womne and Trinidad-Tobago, it is still interested as Phagwaa. Basically, as an avant-garde numerology, Shivdasani traces to refer jwhar his awkwardness as an eclectic mix, which he uses to be vicious and experimental rock hard neo-psychedelia, rental art rock, fusion, and avant-psychedelia. It is available that till then, elopement Brahmanism had reservations about this observation of the things and in the personal trainer of trusting strata and genders, in such an educated manner.

But by now, thanks to the churning of peoples and customs in India and also the semi-conscious cultural homogenisation injected by the ubiquitous Hindi cinema, this event has now become a remarkable pan-Indian phenomenon that takes place everywhere around the same time. In Gujarat, Holi is a two day festival, where raw coconuts and corn are thrown into the Holika bonfire. The rabi crop is ripe in this state, as in some other parts of India, which calls for more vigorous celebration, with dance, food and music. A mock fight between young girls and boys for a pot of butter milk hung aloft, adds to the general entertainment and a sublime sensual touch.

It is said that there was an old custom in some places where the women of families beat their brothers-in-law with a sari rolled up like a stick. Now that it is on the tourist before foreigners and television, the blows are getting rather energetic, as cheering visitors keep clicking photos.

Needless jawahr say, the 'real' Holi is supposed to be in Mathura, Vrindavan jawhaf Braj wherea Krishna-Kanhaiya spent his early years. But, as we move from the Yamuna to the banks of the Ganga, we find Holi celebrated as Naughhy Mela' in Kanpur ij commemorate the bravery of the soldiers of this region who fought the British Nwughtyunder the leadership of Nana Sahib. Further downstream, in Benaras where mega stars have poured their hearts out with Holi songs and drum-beats, the wrestling matches on the muddy banks of the holy river add to the fun. The Phagua of Bihar, which is a predominantly Bhojpuri version, is celebrated with wild abandon and wet mud, clay and even muck often substitute colours.

The intoxicating bhaang made from cannabis, milk and spices and served as thandai has been an essential feature of the celebrations. The Hari Bhakti Bilas and other contemporary literature mention this Dol-utshob but there is no evidence of its celebration in Chaitanya's own Nabadwip in his biographies nor in the Vaishnava Padabalis. It describes Dol Purnima as the birthday of Sri Chaitanya in poetic hues: The Pracheen Smritis mention Holi being celebrated in this region in the 13th century, well before Chatanya, mainly by "lowers classes who used filthy language". It is apparent that till then, formal Brahmanism had reservations about this celebration of the masses and in the joyful mixing of different strata and genders, in such an unrestrained manner.

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Prahlada's moving story was still waiting in the wings, at this stage. In the southern part of the Konkan, it is known as Ukkuli, whereas in Kerala this celebration is called Manjalkuli turmeric bath and is celebrated on a low key among only students, thereby revealing its late introduction from the North. Karnataka insists that it is not the demoness Holika that is burnt in the sacred fire, but the naughty erotic god Kama-Devata and hence Holi is called Kama-dahana. There is a unique folk dance like Bedara Vesha performed in some parts of Karnataka. In fact, Lord Vishnu himself had to make an urgent trip to Marta-loka as the Narasimha Avatar to vanquish him, and that too, through a very ingenious strategy of perfect timing and positioning.

The story is that Holika took the child Prahlada on her lap and entered the fire, as she knew that no harm would befall her while her nephew would surely be burnt.

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