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What the tourists will Neccked, therefore, is small-scale, staged duelling between a few people in exchange for big money. The Donga is a dual with long sticks during which blood must be shed.

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It emphasizes the theme of their "intrepid warrior culture", and zooms in on ceremonial stick duelling and the violence with neighbouring glrls. What happens to cultural values and the social fabric in the process is not an issue, or is wholly secondary. Children were a favourite subject in those earlier pictures, and still are, but now in new, unexpected poses. The Suri and Mursi in their view are simply to be the human decoration of these parks and should not disturb wildlife and tourism there.

Ethiopian girls Necked

But it ehtiopian a decontextualized image meant to create exoticist puzzlement and has nothing to do with reality. This is a well-meaning organization committed to the preservation of wildlife, but they stated it was not their responsibility to directly deal with the consequences of Park policy for humans living in or near the parks. This would spoil the "authentic sense of discovery" that is carefully constructed by photographers, films makers and tourist agencies for their audiences. It is not all trash. Here there is no difference at all with the colonialist discourse on subjected tribal peoples, as analyzed, for example, in the book by Corbey Waveland Press It is possible to arrange Donga, a traditional stick fighting ceremony up on a common agreement with you"

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