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Breath of the Wildthe North Tern and Japanese box art differs to the European box art, with a darker tone of color for the former than the latter. Luna came out of her room at about 10am and caught Smit wandering around, talking to herself and giggling. Totally Rad is one of the most extreme examples. Smit had fall from the balcony of the 20th floor of an apartment at Jalan Dang Wangi. It apparently took Luna about 30 minutes to send her daughter to school and come back.

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Luna said she then woke up at 1: The Japanese version resembles an Indiana Jones Hrdcore poster. For The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom PainBig Boss says: Eten Japanese Metal Gear Rising: The American box art is a bit darker than the other regions, but is still in full color—although in this case the box art was pretty low-key to begin with. Revengeance cover has Raiden in a fighting stance while holding his sword. Most The Legend of Zelda box arts invoke this, going back to the first game.

But since she was tired from the night before, she went back to sleep. About a month later, on the day Smit was found dead, the three of them had been out partying before returning to the Jalan Dang Wangi apartment in the early morning. The Japanese and European box arts feature a beautiful and colorful rendition of Link crossing Hyrule Field, while the American one features Link striking a cool pose on Epona with a generic golden background.

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