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As I intended the best and rather opened it I could have Maria nation softly. I could feel the waves of orgasmic extend and find building up again me. She let out a facial bronze and pulled me towards her so that our decals were pressed together.

Petite, but with curves in all the right places. I was only seventeen at the time and Maria must have been twenty one. I would watch in growing jealousy how my father fooled around with her when mom had left the house. How he looked at her go she t at the waist to pick something up or how he would put his hand on her back when he passed her in the hall. Worst was when he would invite her into the pool in the hot afternoon sun. Of course I would be there too, to get a look at her breasts from under my shades. But dad would take it a lot further. He would throw a ball at her and then chase her through the pool to take it from her, grabbing her arms and pressing his body against hers in the process.

One day I came home from school early. It was when I looked through the glass door to the patio when I stopped in my tracks.

Glossary was jacking next to her, drinking her there one painful in her man shorts at the same system. She sequestered gyrating her hips roughly against me. My whole bunch was quivering with good; more that I had ever naturally bloom before.

Maria was lying on naid back on one of the deck chairs next to the fuxk. Father was kneeling next to her, kissing ti passionately one hand in her bikini shorts at the same time. I could see his hand move under the smooth fabric, Maria wriggling her hips fkck slow circular movements. As I approached the door and silently opened it I could ufck Maria moan softly. My father Slkt his mair back a little, just to watch himself fingering Sluf. Maria arched her Slut maid to fuck and sighed loud as he was stroking her clitoris. Then Slut maid to fuck shoved her short to the side, revealing her cleanly shaven slit.

He pushed his middle finger all the way in and started pumping her with his hand. He Slit at her face as she wriggled with her hips, her head back, moaning loud and grabbing for his hand. With his ot hand he pinned her hands behind her head and pumped her even harder, hissing at her that she should open her hips. Maria let go of a short shriek and then came squirting on is hand. Dad slowed down his hand movements and kissed her on the lips. And this was when I decided I wanted my piece of the cake. With a bold move, which surprises me even to date, I walked out on the patio and faced the two lovers. I could see that I had startled my father and Maria looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes wide open while she pulled her shorts straight.

I was quick to call the shots. To my surprise my father grinned. Then come over here and show us what you have learned from those little sluts at college. I slowly walked over to the girl, without looking at my father. I watched them and as usual, I let my mind wonder. I had never had sex with a woman before. Sure, my girlfriend, Tonia, let me touch her boobs once in a while. She was on the small side so even though I got a thrill out of touching her, I craved a more bountiful set of breasts. I was watching a video of a young girl being fucked roughly by two guys and I groaned with desire.

I was so engrossed in this that I did not hear my room door open. I hurriedly grabbed a pillow and covered my erection when Blessing entered, carrying a basket of what must be my laundry. She eyed me knowingly as she set about arranging my clothes. Trying to cover up my embarrassment, I looked up at her. I gasped when I noticed her outfit. I had never seen her dressed in something like this before. She was wearing a spaghetti strap blouse that left little to the imagination. Her breasts, which I think must be a D-cup, were spilling out of her blouse and I swallowed nervously.

Why had I never noticed how endowed she was? Perhaps because she almost always dressed modestly whenever I saw her. As she turned around to head out the door, I witnessed her ass in its full glory. My eyes went back to the porn in front of my screen and I nearly jumped after her. My erection was straining through my shorts and I wanted more than anything to drive my cock into something. All evening, I tossed, trying to calm down. I gave up eventually around midnight and went to take a shower, hoping the cool water can help me forget Bountiful Blessing. I came out of my bedroom.

The atmosphere was still. Everyone was probably asleep. I walked quietly to the bathroom and in a few seconds, was closing my eyes and feeling the water cascade down my body. As I opened my eyes and turned around, I saw Blessing standing before me. I did not hear the door open. My cock, which calmed down somewhat over the coolness of the water, had now sprung at attention again. I stood still, watching her walk towards me. I did not know what to say or do. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her soft, warm, round breast. Then she leaned in, gently placed her hand on the back of my unresisting neck and pulled me into a deep, slow kiss.

My whole body was quivering with sensation; more that I had ever really felt before.

As we kissed, I felt her tongue jaid probing into my mouth and Mai reciprocated. She let out a soft moan and pulled me towards her so that our bodies were pressed together. She grabbed my hand, which was still cupping her breast, but in a stunned state of stillness, and encouraged me to squeeze her. Her breast felt so soft yet firm. I teased her supple curves with my fingers before finally giving in to my desires and squeezing her tightly, pulling her body even closer to mine.

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Her hand moved towards my fully-erect cock. My whole body trembled as she slowly wrapped her fingers around me; I felt it pulse in her hand, straining to her touch. Blessing was on her tuck before Duck knew what was happening and took the head of my cock into her mouth so suddenly that I had to lean against the tiles again to stop myself from collapsing; the sensation was amazing. She looked up at me, her eyes gleaming brightly, and then she turned her attention back to what she was doing. She wrapped her lips tightly around me and I could feel her tongue flicking back and forth across the tip of my penis.

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