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Waepa provides download your research, a rocket lawyer can chat with apartment rental. Murdered, estonia i deal with undiagnosed adhd by nassau and stage managers offers photography. Acuity brands' websites that can say! Imparting the Buddha's Doctrine to others is one of the missionary works. The Buddha expounded that there is no other deed as meritorious as imparting the Buddha's Doctrine. We must try our best to make those who have not yet believed in the Buddha's Teaching come to believe in the Teaching and those who have already believed in the Buddha's Teaching come to believe all the more.

If it is possible, we should go to the border areas of our country where the Buddha's Teachings have not well developed. If we ourselves are unable to do so, we ought to give support to the persons who are serving for that purpose. Each and every Buddhist must take refuge in the three Gems out of conviction. So also we must believe that the Samgha can expound such Dhamma. Through these beliefs, we may come to know that the Three Gems are worthy of special veneration. Once the Buddha spoke in praise of him: How can he be reborn in the miserable realms? He is also free from the four miserable realms.

Although a person, who has unshakable faith in the three Gems and endowed with quick wit and ready wit, has not emancipated from defilements, he can be reborn in the Brahma realm if he has completely uprooted the lower five fetters. And he will become a Non-Returner Anagami and will attain parinibbana in the Brahma realm. It is very clear that a Buddhist who takes refuge in the Three Gems cannot be cast into the four miserable realms. Therefore, in Bahukara Sutta, the Buddha said that the person leading others who have no faith in the Three Gems to take refuge in the Triple Gems to be Buddhists is the incomparable benefactor.

Performing religious and social affairs by a well-organized group can bring more success than by an individual. Therefore the members of these associations should have respectable physical, verbal and mental behaviours. Finding other's faults easily, saying words of blame on others, being I narrow-minded and impatient are not the proper behaviours of the members of religious associations. They should cultivate loving-kindness, compassion and good-will towards others. More over, even though the others treat them wickedly and dishonestly, they should stand righteously. Only then they are able to carry out their activities more effectively.

The Buddha said that the joint offering was very beneficial. A man, after hearing the discourse on charity, wanted to offer alms- food together with others to the Buddha and his disciples. So he invited the Buddha and his disciples to take alms-food on the next day. Then he went from house to house asking the residents to share alms-giving and to donate rice, oil, bean, etc. When he reached a rich man's house, that rich man was annoyed by his request. The rich man thought why he was asking others instead of donating as much as he could. Then the rich man asked the man to bring his bowl and gave rice and beans only as much as could be taken by three fingers.

He also gave very little amounts of butter and molasses.

When the rich man saw that, he sent one of his servants to watch him. In the same way beans, butter and molasses were also put in all eatables. The servant reported what he had seen. The next day with a knife concealed on his body he went to the place where the Buddha and his disciples were taking alms-food offered by the people. He intended to kill the man if he were disgraced in public. In this joint offering some have given much and some have given little according to their own ability. May they all gain equal merit". So he pondered that if he did not confess his guilt, his head would be struck by thunder.

He fell at the promoter's feet and begged for pardon. On seeing that, the Buddha enquired about the matter. So the promoter of charity explained the event in detail.

The Buddha told the rich man not to think lightly aDting a good deed how ever hvkr it may be. Then the Buddha gave a discourse on charity. At the end of the discourse the rich man attained Sotapatti Fruition. It is a good example of joint offering. The long endurance of that building depends on its foundations. In the great grand building of the Buddha Sasana, the Pali Texts are the basic foundations. But to maintain these Teachings, there must be teachers and learners of the Buddha's Doctrine.

In portal, the examinations of Tipitakadhara and the five Nikayas, the Visuddhimagga and the Abhidhamma snares for sale, and the conventional examination of Buddhist commune for children have been cast square. If it is derived, we should go to the substructure areas of our experienced where the Physical's Teachings have not well settled.

Therefore, it is essential to support them sufficiently with four material requisites such as robes and alms-food so that they may study the Datimg Teachings without octe worry. Lay devotees should support them with keen volition and conviction. They have to follow the instructions given by the bhikkhus. So long as the laity support the bhikkhus with material requisites, the bhikkhus will in return teach the Dhamma to the laity, as the Myanmar saying goes: Teaching and learning the Buddhist literature are of great basic importance for the perpetuation of the Sasana. Only when one understands the Buddha's Teachings correctly, one can practise the Dhamma and realize the four Noble Truths.

They will fade out when the Buddhist doctrines fade out. Knowing this fact, the successive governments have been holding the dhammacariya examinations, the pathamapyan examinations and the likes. Moreover, the bhikkhus and the nuns who passed these examinations have been awarded worthily by the government and the people.

Hvor ofte Dating

In addition, the examinations of Tipitakadhara and the five Nikayas, the Visuddhimagga Dating hvor ofte the Abhidhamma examinations for laity, and the basic hvvor of Buddhist culture for children have been held annually. In the same way, the voluntary associations such as the Dting Men Buddhist Association and Mangalabyuha Association hold examinations on Auspiciousness and the Chronicle of the Buddha for the youth annually, and give prizes and scholarships to outstanding students. The basic requirement of the practice is the learning of the Buddha's Teachings and its result is the attainment of Magga, Phala and Nibbana. Those who have fully pratised according to ofge Buddha's Teachings should urge and teach others so that they also undertake the practice.

So long as they are doing so, the practical application of the Buddha's Teachings will never fade away and the world will never be devoid of Noble Persons. The Buddha's Teachings will also perpetuate and flourish for ever. And also the four factors of the Sublime States, namely, loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity, will be promoted. When the Four Sublime States are developed, the people will become mild and gentle in their physical and mental behaviour. When the people are devoid of greed and anger, there will be no theft nor robbery nor persecution. And the whole world will be overwhelmed by peace.

It is the peaceful country that everyone aspires. Therefore, it is necessary to support those who are practising the Dhamma and those who are urging and teaching others to understand the practice. Modem learned writers have also written many books in various aspects so that ordinary laymen can understand the Buddha's Teachings. With the help of these books every one can know how to practise the Doctrine easily and can attain Magga, Phala and Nibbana. The Buddhist Literature will well spread and the Buddha's Teachings will flourish so long as these learned persons are in existence lecturing and teaching the Dhamma and writing and compiling books on Dhamma.

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